Online Therapy

In the Privacy of Your Own Home

J. Ellis Therapy & Associates provides professional psychotherapy online. We offer online therapy services via the Talkspace Platform. It is a convenient and secure texted based platform. Several plans and subscriptions can be purchased at affordable prices to include live video conferencing sessions.  You no longer have to get in line and wait long hours for your turn in our office. With just a few clicks, we can provide you the therapeutic counseling you need with ease.


I enjoy the talkspace platform and have also used phone and video conferencing often throughout my clinical experience to provide therapy and professional support. I am happy to provide online therapy personally or via talkspace. It is important that clients use the most appropriate medium. Sometimes in office is the best yet online is just as effective and convenient to our busy lives.  

Connect With Our Experienced Therapists

Professional counseling is only a few clicks away. Get connected with our therapists for easy and convenient access to our therapy services. For more information, dial the phone number listed or send us an email. We are more than happy to help you with your needs.

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